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Gemeinschaftspraxis (Group practice)
Dr. med. Henning Platschek
Dr. med. Frank Karches
Dr. med. Christian Thielert

Hildesheimer Str. 265
30519 Hannover, Germany

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Compulsory information pursuant to the teleservice media law:

  • The professional title of doctor ("Arzt") has been awarded to Dr. Platschek, Dr. Karches, and Dr. Thielert in Germany.
  • The applicable code of conduct of Ärztekammer Niedersachsen (medical chamber of Lower-Saxony), of which we are members, is available for inspection at Ärztekammer Niedersachsen.
  • The supervising authority in charge is Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen (KVN) (Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians)

Purpose and aim of this homepage

The sole purpose of our internet presentation is to provide information to our patients and this is not intended to substitute for personal counselling, diagnosis, and care to be provided by a registered medical doctor. The information thus provided includes no recommendations concerning any particular diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, and cannot and must not be used as a basis of self-diagnosis and self-medication.

There is no external sponsoring and no advertisements are present on our pages. The copy is usually prepared by the operators of our practice or, otherwise, the source is identified.

Data protection statement

The protection of your privacy in as far as it relates to the use of our web pages is very important to us. For this reason, please note the following information:

Anonymous collection of data

As a matter of principle, you are free to visit our web pages without having to reveal your identity. We will get to know only the name of your internet provider, the referring website, and the web pages you are visiting on our site. This information may be analysed for statistical purposes. However, you as an individual user remain anonymous throughout.

Collection and processing of personal data

No personal data is collected on our pages which serve exclusively to furnish you with information. You have to enter your name and address only if you wish to schedule an appointment through our online appointment scheduling service. This data will be used in order to schedule appointments for you. Your data will not be passed on in any way to any other party.

External links

For information purposes, our pages include links to pages of third parties. Links of this type are printed in orange and in bold on our pages and are therefore easy to identify. Since we have no control over the content and design of these pages of third party providers, the guarantees made in the present data protection statement obviously do not extend to these external pages.

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