Skin lines

"I am proud of my lines. They are the life in my face." Brigitte Bardot (French actress)

Skin lines are a natural corollary of normal ageing. They give the face profile and expressiveness. But some skin lines that go too deep or produce shadows overemphasise certain parts of the face or make us look older than we feel. Aesthetic medicine has many different and very effective procedures to correct unwanted skin lines.

Skin lines produced through motions of facial expression (e.g. horizontal forehead skin lines or the so-called frown line) can be relaxed using botulinum toxin (BOTULINUM TOXIN), whereas lines that arise from drooping of the cheeks as a result of ageing (e.g. the naso-labial fold) are levelled better with natural filler materials (FILLER). Fillers are also very well-suited for restoring a loss in volume in the upper half of the face caused by the afore-mentioned drooping of the cheeks (VOLUME BUILD-UP). This minor and inconspicuous correction allows many problematic lines to be corrected without any need for a separate procedure. If the treatment aims at removing the first signs of a loss of facial skin elasticity and fine lines, rather than deep creases, firming the skin with ELOS laser therapy (ELOS) can be considered.

We would be glad to discuss the selection of the indicated procedure, or possibly a combination of procedures, with you in an individual counselling talk.