Build-up of volume

A novel approach in aesthetic treatment is to mitigate age-related changes of the structure of the face by building-up volume.

A youthful face is characterised by pronounced cheeks narrowing towards the chin comparable to a triangle positioned on its tip. With advancing age, the cheek region droops progressively since the skin becomes less firm.

As a result, the line between nose and cheek (naso-labial fold) and the marionette crease are emphasised progressively.

It used to be customary to treat this kind of lines directly and this is still the method of choice in moderately pronounced cases. However, if the cheek region has drooped more significantly, volume fillers can now be used to achieve a better outcome that used to be attainable in the past through surgical interventions only.

Volume fillers are used mainly at the cheeks and chin.

Another successful application is the addition of volume to the lips. This allows the lips to be emphasised while retaining their natural external appearance.

Treatment with the Elos laser system can be used as a preventive measure that allows the drooping of the cheek region to be reduced preemptively. This treatment can also be used as a supplement to a filler treatment.

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